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Tablet/Smartphone Art Tutorial on Zoom

Join in our group class learning to draw and paint on your iPad, android tablets or smartphone.

Choose from Tuesday 6-7pm or Wednesday 5-6pm £5 pay as you go.

Email: alison@alisonjacobs.com to register and get your login to our Zoom session.

Paint Your Pet or Favourite Place at Stable Arts at Nynehead Court

Friday 11th December 10am-4pm.

£10 per hour or £60 for all day.

Email: stablearts@hotmail.com for further information and booking.

Drawing in the Landscape at Halsway Manor

Monday 19th April 2021 4pm - Friday 23rd April 2021

Prices start at £220 for residential (non-residential £205).

Residential course, walking and drawing and painting.