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Alison is an artist from Somerset who lives and works in the countryside exploring the rural landscape and environment, which is an important influence on her work.

Alison became known as a photorealistic painter of cows and farm animals. The animals were painted on the canvas removed from the landscape to echo our own disassociation from food production and working animals.

Alison moved on from cow painting when she left Steart, her home for 10 years. She helped build, set up and run Contains Art as a volunteer Director and studio holder where she worked in a shipping container on the East Quay of Watchet for 3 years. Alison has been working on a project to document and celebrate the recently closed Wansbrough Paper Mill.

Alison continues to focus more on her practice and is re-engaging with the countryside and the geography of her landscape which interests her greatly. She likes to work outdoors enjoying the challenge of painting away from the comforts of her new studio in Stolford. She is an avid sketchbook and iPad Artist and loves to share her passion for Art in her workshops.

Alison is a member of Somerset Art Week and Gallery4Art. She has exhibited her work throughout the South West and in London and has paintings in Private Collections around the world.